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Pectin for low pH dairy and soy beverages

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DANISCO'S on-going study of pectin functionality has led to the creation of Grindsted Pectin AMD 880. This new pectin, based on painstaking structural studies, delivers stability with refreshing texture to low pH dairy and soy beverages.

Prior generation pectins have proven to be most stable at pH 4 and above, whereas Grindsted Pectin AMD 880 delivers economical performance all the way down to pH 3.6, with only 1% milk solids.

With as little as 75% of the dosage of earlier pectins needed, stability comes along with refreshing mouthfeel - perfect for juice/dairy beverages.

Grindsted Pectin AMD 880 is a specially created high ester citrus pectin that can be used at all protein levels and can be used in both live culture and heat treated beverages.

It provides protein stabilisation down to very low pH, to give a low viscosity beverage with clean flavour release, no whey-off and free from protein precipitation.

This tailored functionality is delivered through special raw material selection coupled with meticulous process control to provide a preparation of the most effective molecular structures for protein stabilisation.

This attention to detail is completed with a thorough quality assurance protocol examining and controlling all product features critical to delivering these new levels of application performance.

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