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New bakery enzyme available from Danisco

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Bakers can slice into a major opportunity to boost their competitive ability with Danisco’ s new bakery enzyme GRINDAMYL POWERFresh containing unique G4 amylase.

Never before has it been possible to unite a longer bread shelf like, a stronger more flexible crumb and great eating qualities so efficiently.

The G4 amylase in GRINDAMYL POWERFresh has been developed using the new biotechnology and is yet another outcome of the former US biotechnology company Genecor in 2005.

G4 amylase has an exclusive ability to alter the molecular structure of starch and delay the process of starch retrogradation – the main contributor to the staling process.

Particular benefits are improved strength and flexibility and reduced crumbliness, contributing to a good hinge effect in hotdog buns and enabling sliced bread to be folded or buttered without breaking.

Bakery products, including white and wholegrain bread and tortillas, are also softer and fresher than ever, remaining so over a longer period.

Industrial trials are underway in the US – so far the results confirm that GRINDAMYL POWERFresh is truly a breakthrough for the bakery industry.

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