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GRINDSTED PF 312 Creamline stabilisers from Danisco

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Danisco  stabilisers are suitable for dessert creams, mousses and water jellies. Danisco offer stabilisers, including the GRINDSTED PF Creamline range, GRINDSTED Carrageenan FLX and GRINDSTED Carrageenan CW and CP range.

According to Danisco, GRINDSTED PF 312 Creamline stabilisers are suitable for replacing ingredients such as fat and sugar in formulations that are creamier and healthier.

Ingredients such as whey from cheese production and water are used much. Water jellies, with their natural, fruity image, have innovation potential. GRINDSTED Carrageenan CW stabiliser provides the right textural quality for high sensory appeal.

Danisco have also developed solutions for replacing milk with whey in desserts, creams and in mousses. Danisco ‘Sweet as you like’ concept is suitable for homemade desserts. Danisco GRINDSTED Carrageenan CP stabiliser is suitable for everyday powdered desserts, such as crema catalana.

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