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GRINDSTED FF and EggXit stabiliser systems from Danisco

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GRINDSTED FF stabiliser systems, available from Danisco , offer textural functionality for hot and cold processing of sauce products. GRINDSTED FF stabiliser systems can help manufacturers to cut down on fats, milk proteins or tomato paste and still maintain a satisfying stable texture and mouthfeel. According to Danisco, GRINDSTED FF stabiliser systems optimise formulations for products such as mayonnaise, ketchup and béarnaise sauce.

For rich and creamy mayonnaise, Danisco offer GRINDSTED EggXit stabiliser systems, a functional range that enables replacement of egg without any alteration to processing lines. GRINDSTED EggXit stabiliser systems have the advantage of being easier to store. GUARDIAN rosemary extract is Danisco’s natural solution for shelf-life extension.

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