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Enzymes make premium beer at an affordable price

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Danisco brewing enzymes are a profitable tool for breweries in difficult economic times. The LAMINEX Super 3G Efficient enzyme solution from Danisco can relieve the pressure on brewers’ profits as consumers react to the recession by splashing out on fewer beers than usual this year.

Features of the brewing enzymes from Danisco include:

  • The concentrated brewing enzyme complex – LAMINEX Super 3G, is based on traditional technology, and has been developed to relieve bottlenecks, save time and, most importantly, cut brewing costs
  • Just a low dose of LAMINEX Super 3G brewing enzyme is sufficient to speed up wort separation and give higher consistency in beer filtration
  • Brewhouse capacity is improved through the use of this brewing enzyme, and longer beer filtration cycles can be achieved, making the brewing process altogether more cost-efficient
  • Other Danisco brewing enzymes make it possible to offset variations in raw material quality and maximise yield when using a high level of cereals, such as barley, maize, wheat and rice
“In this way, brewers gain the freedom to choose cheaper raw material options without compromising the quality of the final beer,” says Ulf Brøchner Sørensen, Global Product Manager. For brewers interested in developing speciality beers, Danisco enzymes are powerful tools, securing successful product development at the right price. “Speciality beers have enjoyed growing popularity in recent years and, for some consumers, represent an affordable occasional indulgence during the recession. This is an area of development we can help our customers with,” Ulf Brøchner Sørensen explains.

In addition to LAMINEX, Danisco’s extensive portfolio of brewing enzymes includes Alphalase, AMYLEX and DIAZYME, providing numerous opportunities for brewers to maximise processing efficiency, beer quality and business profits.

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