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Emulsifiers for use in the food industry from Danisco

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Danisco formulates a range of emulsifiers from raw materials such as vegetable oils and organic acids for use in food industry applications.

Producing distilled monoglycerides, mono-diglycerides, esters and emulsifier blends from all natural materials, Danisco can assist food producers to improve the quality of their products.

These emulsifiers perform a variety of essential functions within food applications, such as:

  • stabilising emulsions
  • securing the right mouthfeel and product appearance
  • overcoming raw material variations for ease of processing; and
  • extending shelf life.
This can help to cut costs involved with food production, while generating healthier formulations and enhancing processing and production capacities.

In addition, there are many pharmaceutical and non-food applications for Danisco emulsifiers, such as the manufacture of plastics.

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