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Danisco's vitamins range helps food producers create healthy food products

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article image Danisco's vitamins: helping food producers supplement their food products

Danisco's  vitamins are extracted from natural ingredients, made to help food producers add effective health benefits to their functional food products. 

The company's vitamins are divided into two groups each with specific benefits and applications.  

MenaQ7 - natural vitamin K2 (Mk-7)

The company's natural vitamin MenaQ7 is a pure natural extract made in Japan. 

Traditionally, vitamin K2 is found in the Japanese food known as 'Natto'. Natto is a soybean paste-like food which is popular in Japan as a form of breakfast food. It is now known as the richest source of natural vitamin K2 in the world. 

Western diets usually contain a large amount of vitamin K1, but only a very small amount of vitamin K2. Danisco's MenaQ7 allows food manufacturers to supplement their food products with vitamin K2 and allow their foods to gain the benefits the dietary supplement provides.  

Key benefits of Dansico's MenaQ7 vitamin: 

  • safe and effective
  • maintains bone health -  inhibits vascular calcification and helps to bind calcium to the bone matrix
  • high stability
  • natural 
  • can be easily incorporated into food products 
  • comes in powder and oil formats 
Applications of the MenaQ7 vitamin: 

  • baked goods
  • beverages
  • dairy products
  • fats and oils
  • dietary supplements
  • frozen desserts

Inositol (vitamin B8) - vitamin-like compound from plant origin

Danisco's inositol is a water-soluble vitamin-like compound that is derived from sugar beet molasses. 

Inositol or vitamin B8 is usually present in small amounts in a variety of foods, particular cereals with a high bran content, nuts, beans and fruits (especially cantaloupe melons and oranges). The average daily human diet usually contains around 1gram of inositol.

The vitamin helps convert nutrients into energy and prevents the build up of fats in the liver. In the past decade, inositol has also been more frequently used in energy drinks for its energy retaining benefits. 

Other key benefits of vitamin B8:

  • prevents constipation
  • reduces cholesterol 
  • helps with eyesight and hair loss problems
  • controls fat retention

Applications of the Dansico's inositol dietary supplement:

  • fish growth enhancers
  • energy drinks and food products
  • dietary supplements 
  • mother's milk replacements
  • breakfast foods 
  • to enhance the growth of microbes when added to media cultures

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