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Danisco's food sweeteners range supporting the food industry's demand for low-calorie, healthy products

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article image Danisco's food sweeteners range - an alternative to sucrose for the food and beverage industry

Danisco  has developed a line of sweeteners in order to provide an alternative to sugar for its food and beverage industry partners. The food and beverage industry is now aiming to meet growing consumer demands for products with low or zero sugar content but without compromised taste.

Providing an alternative to regular sucrose, Danisco has developed a range of sweeteners using natural raw materials such as wood and milk sugars. 

Types, benefits and applications for Danisco's food sweeteners range: 


D-Xylose or commonly called wood sugar, is a natural five carbon sugar (pentose) obtained from the xylan rich portion of hemicellulose from plants' cell walls and fibres. 

  • benefits: pure crystalline form powder in purity 
  • applications: flavours, prepared foods, pharmaceuticals, pet food, animal feed

Fructofin is the sweetest sugar in nature, found in many natural foods and vegetables. 

  • benefits: turned into a sweetener it is highly suitable for diabetics with a low glycaemic response, flavour enhancement properties, endotoxin free, fine particle sized. There are three types of Fructofin sweeteners available, each with targeted purposes. 
  • applications: wide variety of food applications, suitable for bakery creams
Lactitol is a reduced calorie sweetener derived from natural milk sugar. 
  • benefits: sugar free, low calorie, gives a rich flavour and creamy sweet smoothness to chocolate
  • applications: primarily for chocolates, however is also used in a wide variety of other food sources

Litesse is a low calorie, sugar free, low glycaemic, speciality carbohydrate that has prebiotic properties and is widely recognised as a useful fibre. 

  • benefits:  low calorie, sugar free, low glycaemic, prebiotic properties 
  • applications: beverages, chocolate, dairy products, baked good, nutrition bars, confectionery, cereal products, sugar free applications


Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener with the taste and sweetness of sugar but with only half the calories. Xylitol has also been known to leave no aftertaste and protects your teeth from cavities. 

  • benefits: natural cooling effect, healthy and natural product, good for health
  • applications: chewing gum, tablets and other pharmaceutical products 

Industry and application areas which use Danisco's sweeteners:

  • bakery
  • beverages
  • confectionery
  • culinary
  • dairy
  • dietary supplements
  • frozen desserts
  • fruit applications
  • oral care
  • pharmaceuticals
  • pet food 
  • animal nutrition

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