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Danisco's antioxidants range increases the shelf-life of food products

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article image Danisco's antioxidants ranges: increasing the shelf-life and safety of food products

Danisco's  antioxidants range has been developed for the purpose of enhancing shelf-life and food safety. The antioxidant ingredients work by preventing fats and oils from oxidising and in turn keeps food safe from harmful pathogens. 

Key benefits of Danisco's antioxidants range include:  

  • low in saturated fats
  • helps to ensure consistent product quality when numerous batches of food are created
  • helps to preserve the nutritional value within food 
  • can be used in complex processes that are common in modern convenience food production
Types of antioxidants available: 
  • natural extracts
  • phenolics
  • vitamin-based ingredients
Danisco has two specific types of antioxidants which include the following benefits: 

GRINDOX antioxidants range

The GRINDOX range of antioxidants is an efficient pre-dispersed antioxidant blend, used specifically to protect the shelf-life of food and to avoid nutritional loss. The range includes various forms to suit specific food manufacturing needs and for easy dispersion in the food matrix. 

The benefits of the GRINDOX range includes being able to delay the onset of rancidity and minimise taste and colour deterioration. 

Each individual type of antioxidant in the range is used for its own specific applications including:

  • GRINDOX 104 - chewing gum, vitamins
  • GRINDOX 105,113 - cereals, packaging materials
  • GRINDOX 109, 440, 561, 668 - baked products, cereals, sausages
  • GRINDOX 204, 373 - frying oil, fish oils
  • GRINDOX 333, 344, 497,657 - nuts, trans-free oils, frying and fish oils
  • GRINDOX 512, 558 - margarine, snacks
  • GRINDOX 520 - infant formulas, fish oils
  • GRINDOX 1029 - emulsions, soups

GUARDIAN natural extracts range

The GUARDIAN natural extracts range, is a range of antioxidants made out of plant extracts providing natural flavouring and antioxidative and antimicrobial properties. Besides protecting shelf-life, the range meets consumers' demands for natural and healthy ingredients. 

The three types of antioxidants in the range have varying benefits and applications including: 

GUARDIAN rosemary extract  

  • benefits: long-lasting product flavour, aroma and colour 
  • applications: fats and oils, dressings and mayonnaise, margarines and spreads, potato flakes, meat, poultry and seafood products, bakery products 

GUARDIAN green tea extract  

  • benefits: low flavour intensity, promotes longer product freshness and good health  
  • applications: ready-to-eat meals, meat products, margarine and spreads, pet foods 

GUARDIAN tocopherol extract

  • benefits: highly effective antioxidant
  • applications: fats and oils, shortenings, margarine and spreads, mayonnaise and dressings, baked products, snack food products, potato granules and flakes, cereal products, cosmetics, pet foods 
Industries and areas which use Dansico's antioxidants include: 
  • bakery 
  • pet food
  • meat, poultry, seafood
  • oils and fats 
  • culinary 
  • bakery 
  • confectionery

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