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Danisco's HOWARU Bifido Probiotics for Juices boosts Immune Defence

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Danisco  has introduced HOWARU Bifido probiotic to the global market in an attempt to focus on boosting immune health in refrigerated juices. The current juice industry shows that adding probiotics to fruit juices is a strategy that many beverage developers are using to bring additional immune health benefits to their products, while maintaining an all-natural positioning for their fruit juice ranges.  

HOWARU Bifido probiotic has been clinically proven and is designed to enhance the body’s natural immune response, particularly amongst children and the elderly. The Danisco team are specialists in the direct inoculation of probiotics into juices and have developed 2 exotic probiotic juice concepts, both containing an effective dose of HOWARU Bifido. The developed fruit juices offer customers healthy and appetizing products, even for those who are lactose intolerant.    

“Our expertise spans formulation development and the test results have shown our capability to obtain a good survival of our probiotics in fruit juice over 40 days at 4°C”, says Marie Jane Fallourd, Beverage Group Manager at Danisco.

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