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Danisco introduces trans free liquid shortening method

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The increased pressure to remove trans fatty acids from processed foods, particularly in cakes and pastries is undeniable.

When eliminating trans fats, it can be difficult to simultaneously meet nutritional goals such as reduced saturates.

Danisco  has a solution – trans free liquid shortening.

Using unsaturated oils and the right blend of emulsifiers, high quality, trans free cakes, biscuits and other fine bakery products can be produced with a liquid shortening and less saturated fat.

This form of shortening is already widely accepted in North America. The global trend towards satisfying nutritional requirements and the demands to restrict saturated and trans fatty acid content is sound reason to consider using liquid shortening formulations.

Not only can you reduce the trans fatty acids and saturated fats in your products, but liquid shortening is convenient to store and pump and can be made and used with existing manufacturing equipment.

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