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Danisco introduces low-dust powder technology for food production

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International ingredients supplier Danisco has developed a novel low-dust powder technology for food manufacturers.

Capable of reducing up to 98% of the dust from dry-blended ingredients, the technology lies behind Danisco´s new range of low-dust ingredients.

The technology is applicable in all kinds of food production, The primary target will be powders for dairy, ice cream, soups and sauces, bakery and meat production.

Dust has long been the bane of food production, where a number of the ingredients used are in powder form.

Inhalation by factory workers can give health problems, while dust on the floor leads to hazardous, slippery surfaces. Cross-contamination, caused by dust from raw materials getting into finished products, is another problem manufacturers are keen to avoid.

Danisco is pleased with the new technology which it already introduced to two customers. Danisco expects that the demand for low-dust ingredients will increase rapidly.

Besides creating a better working environment, the low-dust technology means an average increase of capacity of approximately 20%. Also, manufacturers will experience less product loss.

Danisco has, for some years, supplied dust-free encapsulated ingredients, in which stabilisers are encapsulated by emulsifiers.

The new range marks the first time dry-blended ingredients have been produced using low dust technology.

Danisco´s new low-dust range is designed to live up to customers´ shelf-life expectations. The low-dust technology is also suitable for many tailor-made ingredient blends.

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