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DairyHOX enzyme available from Danisco

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Danisco’ s DairyHOX enzyme offers cheese makers, cheese shredders and pizza manufacturers the ability to eliminate mould and produce pizza cheese that bakes with less browning.

Danisco’s DairyHOX enzyme in the presence of oxygen has the ability to oxidise residual sugars found in cheese.

Galactose, a residual sugar found in mozzarella, is known to cause excessive Maillard reaction/browning during bake.

With DairyHOX the galactose is consumed thus resulting in whiter cheese when baked.

In order to get the full advantages of reduced Maillard browning a minimum of 10% initial oxygen content in the package is recommended to utilise the enzyme’s potential for galactose removal.

If the cheese is packed shortly after the addition of DairyHOX the enzyme will consume oxygen to approximately 2% within 24 hours and the oxygen content is reduced to the ppm level within 72 hours provided the bag is airtight.

A clear difference in browning properties can be observed in mozzarella treated with DairyHOX when baked after seven days storage at 4-6ºC.

Another benefit with using DairyHOX is its oxygen scavenging ability. DairyHOX consumes oxygen as the residual sugars in cheese are broken down to a non-reducing acid.

In mozzarella and young cheddar the enzyme can be applied to shreds, cubes and blocks in order to reduce the oxygen content in the package by eliminating the residual sugars commonly found in cheese (glucose, galactose, lactose).

Typically during gas flush the oxygen content remains 2-4% and this small amount of oxygen may still allow the growth of mould.

DairyHOX application will reduce the oxygen to a level that virtually eliminates the possibility of mould growth in a sealed package.

In summary, DairyHOX can:

  • Reduce Maillard reactions
  • Reduce dark browning
  • Remove oxygen and generate hydrogen peroxide and
  • Help control pathogens

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