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An innovation in fruit spreads

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article image Danisco’s GRINDSTED PECTIN SF EXTRA helps create smooth jam.

CONSUMERS are always hungry for new products, which is a great challenge for food manufacturers. The jam, jelly and fruit industry is constantly looking for new products to meet the needs of an ever-changing consumer.

In response to industry demand for more spreadable and creamier fruit textures without compromising the ability to suspend fruit, or processing flexibility, Danisco has developed the GRINDSTED PECTIN SF EXTRA range.

This unique range of pectins enables the customer to achieve smooth, creamy and spreadable texture and delivers superior flavour release. The range is compatible with flexible processing conditions, enabling a broad spectrum of filling temperatures, syneresis control and good tolerance to variable calcium levels.

The SF EXTRA product line consists of four components.

GRINDSTED PECTIN SF 337 EXTRA enables production of squeezable jam and jelly with wide pH tolerance at moderate (40-60%) soluble solids.

The GRINDSTED PECTIN SF 630 EXTRA can be used to generate similar textures at higher soluble solids levels (60-70%).

GRINDSTED PECTIN SF 339 EXTRA can be used to formulate smooth and creamy fruit spreads containing whole fruit pieces and tolerates a wide range of filling temperatures and calcium content.

GRINDSTED PECTIN SF 369 EXTRA enables production of soft textured fruit spreads having high fruit content and gives excellent control over fruit flotation over a wide range of filling temperatures.

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