Danisco is one of the world's largest producers of value-adding ingredients, offering products and solutions. Products and services include- Food and beverages, Agri and animal, Fabric and House Hold Care, Industrial processing, Pharma and Healthcare, Plastics and Paper


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05/11/10 - Danisco emulsifiers are produced using natural raw materials, in particular vegetable oils and organic acids, and satisfy a range of functions in food production applications.
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17/09/10 - Dansico's vitamins are extracted from natural ingredients, made to help food producers add effective health benefits to their functional food products. The company's vitamins are divided into two grou
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16/09/10 - Danisco's antioxidants range including natural extracts, phenolics and vitamin-based ingredients have been developed for the purpose of enhancing shelf-life and food saftey. The antioxidant ingredien
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10/09/10 - Danisco has developed a line of sweetners in order to provide an alternative to sugar for its food and beverage industry partners who are aiming to meet the growing demand for products with low or zer
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