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Vibration-damping levelling elements available from Dana-Ridge

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article image Elesa+Ganter vibration-damping levelling element

Elesa+Ganter has introduced a new series of elements with a rubber disc that reduces the propagation of vibration produced by an engine and protect the same from any sort of external vibration.

Elesa+Ganter vibration-damping levelling elements have been designed to damp vibrations, shocks and noise produced by moving bodies or non-balanced vibrating masses of equipment and machines that can cause:

Malfunction and reduction of the machine lifespan and/or of the adjacent equipment,

Adverse affect to a person’s health from machine vibration or noise caused by vibration.

LW.A are made up of three main elements: zinc-plated steel base with natural rubber disk, zinc-plated steel levelling disk and threaded stem to allow an easy and precise levelling of the machine. Vibration-damping levelling elements are available in the following diameters: 80 - 120 - 160 and 200 mm.

Elesa+Ganter vibration-damping levelling elements are available from Dana-Ridge .

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