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Dana-Ridge introduces Elesa+Ganter’s new hinge

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Elesa+Ganter CFS hinge represents a safety device which can be assembled on the common aluminium profiles, which are available in Dana-Ridge.

Main features of new hinge are:

  • Safety device: this hinge with built-in safety device (Elesa patent) has been designed to offer the operator a safe working environment. In fact, even in case of accidental opening of doors or machines protection and equipment in industrial environments, it automatically breaks off the power supply.
  • Switch set with positive opening: means that there is no elastic connection between the mobile contacts and the actuator on which the working force is applied.
  • Quick release switch: the stroke speed of the contact-holder slider does not depend on the working speed: if the door is opened slowly the contacts are released quickly (when the contact holder slider is released the electrical arc is broken off)
  • Tamper-proof: both the fitter and the end-user cannot interfere with the hinge because the switch is built in a completely closed housing with ultrasonically welded cover
  • Easy to assemble: the built-in safety switch and the hinge come in one piece. This offers a very easy and fast assembly. The traditional systems require a separate assembly: the hinge and the safety switch are eventually connected by a special pin which replaces the standard pin of the hinge supplied
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