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Clamping levers and adjustable handles

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A clamping lever or adjustable handle is a great product, used to clamp down, or tighten. Elesa+Ganter range of adjustable handles have a number of options, push button (MRX Series), allen key (MR Series), coloured caps (ERX Series), zinc alloy body (GN.300 Series), or zinc die cast body (GN.101 Series). 

Detailed below are some manufacturing characteristics that will assist in selecting the right clamping lever / adjustable handle for business and application.

Handle length
A clamping lever or adjustable handle is available in many different lengths to suit any application. The size of the handle selected is important as it assists the operator in obtaining the correct torque for the application.
Handle Length: 40mm, 45mm, 63mm, 78mm, 80mm 92mm, 100mm, 108mm.

Female (threaded insert) or Male (threaded stud)
A clamping lever or adjustable handle is available in a male (threaded stud), or a female (threaded insert) and in a variety of metric thread sizes and lengths. Both male and female threads are available in AISI303 stainless steel, brass or black oxide steel.

Female (threaded insert):
M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16.
Male (threaded stud):
M5 x 10-20, M6 x 10-40, M8 x 16-60, M10 x 16-70, M12 x 20-80, M14 x 30-70, M16 x 30-70

Clamping lever or adjustable handle are available in various materials to comply with individual industry specifications.
Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide base (PA) Technopolymer, Zinc alloy die-cast, AISI303 Stainless steel.

A variety of colours are available to suit application. Whether one needs to make the lever stand out, or the product needs to be colour co-ordinated.  Whatever the reason or the colour, Dana-Ridge will be able to assist in product or colour selection.
Colours:  black, red, orange, grey, silver, chrome (chromium-plated).

Elesa+Ganter clamping lever or adjustable handle are available in various designs, materials, colours and sizes.

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