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Rental option available for Dalmec equipment

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According to Dalmec , using a Dalmec manipulator for materials handling can improve operating efficiencies or turn a two man job into a one man job.

With their new rental option, it is possible to use the monthly savings generated by the equipment to pay for the equipment.

The benefits of the rental option include: improved OH&S for the operator, reduction in the risk of workers compensation claims, and improved worker satisfaction.

Rental of Dalmec equipment is a tax deductible way of acquiring a Dalmec solution that can improve the efficiency of users’ plant and improve health and safety. There is no capital outlay and rental payments are made monthly as a part of operating expenses.

Improved occupational health and safety is a cost that is difficult to quantify before an injury. If these costs could be quantified and included, then rental costs will be covered in most situations by this saving alone.

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