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New Dalmec Maxi Partner

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Dalmec  is pleased to announce the arrival of its new ‘Maxi’ Partner industrial manipulator. The new ‘Maxi’ partner makes it possible to lift and manipulate loads of up to 550kg.

Key industries such as converting, oil, paint, building products and mechanical parts find their products are increasing in size and weight, therefore a higher load capacity handling unit is required.

Dalmec’s sales manager, Andy Heard said, “Customers often complained that they have the manufacturing capabilities to produce bigger product sizes, but could not physically handle the products off the end of the line.”  

“This is most common in the converting industry, where increasing roll sizes requires a large physical effort to place them onto pallets.”  

The ‘Maxi’ Partner, not only can it lift and rotate loads of upto 550kg, it can do this with very little effort on the part of the operator.

“The ‘Maxi’ is a big unit, but can still be easily and safely operated by one person,” said Mr. Heard.

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