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Greencorp Magnetics installs Dalmec lifting equipment

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For Australian manufacturers to be competitive on the international market and have the ability to match rival operations based in South-East Asia, it is almost always quality and better technology which gives these manufacturers' a leading edge.

Greencorp Magnetics is actively supportive of the health and welfare of its employees, and has been operating under a variety of safety measures. In an ever increasingly competitive industry, Greencorp's attention to detail and quality encompasses the area of occupational health and safety.

Industry changes created new pressures on the working environment and there had been several initiatives implemented to address occupational, health and safety issues. However, senior management were still not completely satisfied with the equipment and procedures implemented at the factory.

After searching around and visiting several operations such as the Panasonic factory at Penrith, Greencorp decided to install Dalmec manipulators.

The Dalmec lifting equipment installed at Greencorp carries a maximum load of 150 kg. The pneumatic semi-robotic device enables employees to effortlessly lift rolls currently weighing up to 100 kilos in an oriented fashion for in-house coating or export packaging.

Greencorp's employees handle approximately 3.5 to 6.0 tonnes of rolls of magnetic film per day. Despite the use of special trolleys and adherence to proper lifting techniques, the risk of back injury was still apparent.

As an interim measure, two people lift the rolls, yet it was still a risk and Greencorp’s workers found this tedious and in the opinion of some employees, unnecessary. Greencorp believed that in the long term, its workers were at risk of back strain injury.

Production changes were imminent. Magnetic film lengths were to become longer, adding more weight to each roll. The film length is to be extended to minimise the stop time between re-loads and maximise production time.

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