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Dalmec's customised Partner manipulator enables safe handling of heavy and bulky goods

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article image The Dalmec manipulator with custom designed grip tooling has improved product and operator safety

Dalmec has helped a major roll manufacturer to solve its operational and safety issues involved in handling its 150kg, 15000mm diameter rolls of core boards with the installation of a manipulator on an overhead track system.

The manufacturer turned to Dalmec because it knew from its experience with existing Dalmec MaxiPartner that the equipment is reliable and has plenty of built in safety features for protecting both product and users.

The issues that the manufacturer encountered were with the safe positioning of the heavy and bulky rolls onto the mandrel of its winding machines. With their existing setup the operators needed to use one hand to control the hoist and the other to control any sideways movement.

Dalmec’s solution was to install a Partner manipulator on overhead tracking. The manipulator featured a custom designed tooling to achieve a firm grip on the core board rolls.

The Partner manipulator is a rigid arm machine that balances the rolls, allowing operators full control of movement.

The grip tooling of the manipulator was designed to make it virtually impossible for operators to make mistakes. The controls are positioned for easy use with both hands and it incorporates safety features that are vital for handling heavy and awkward loads.

The Dalmec manipulator has been installed on overhead tracks meaning that it can be used to feed two separate machines.

The manufacturer explains “We were very happy with the result, in fact we were so pleased with the first two machines that we bought a third.”

Contact Dalmec for more information on its manipulators and advice on custom designed handling solutions.

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