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Dalmec releases wide range of shaft and roll handling manipulators

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Handling shafts and rolls onto and off of slitting, winding or rewind machines has been a major problem for the converting industry. The main issues have been safety, speed and production improvements.

Dalmec  has developed a “New” range of manipulators which solve each of these problems.

The manual handling issues for shafts are overcome by the manipulators ability to grip and balance the weight of the shafts from one end.

Pneumatic deflection cylinders compensate for any droop for heavy or long shafts thereby keeping the shaft straight for easy insertion.

Speed, safety and cost savings are achieved by the ability of one operator to remove a shaft and then reload it with blank cores and get the winding machine running again quickly, a task which would normally take 2 operators when a heavy airshaft is being used can now be done by one operator.

Once the rolls/bobbins are resting on a discharge table, the same operator can off load them onto pallets using a Dalmec roll handling unit. Dalmec manipulators can lift and incline bobbins weighing up to 400kg.

Worldwide converting companies who are already using Dalmec manipulators include Amcor, Aperio Group, Huhtamaki, Kimberly Clarke and Tetra Pak and many more.

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