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Cost of EMC testing

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THE most commonly asked question about EMC testing is "how much will it cost".

Daley Electronics’ in-house EMC Test facility provides quick domestic and industrial equipment testing. Their price list is available on the web (www.emctestlab.com.au).

Costs can escalate if multiple tests are needed, with modifications occurring between tests, according to Daley Electronics.

Daley Electronics says that if customers are uncertain about whether or not an item will pass there are some things that people can do to minimise the costs.

Daley Electronics recommends customers make sure that access to the equipment is easy, so that "fixes" can be rapidly made.

Also, customers should check that the earthing of covers and cases are secure and that sensible precautions have been taken, such as filtering the mains input to a switching power supply.

At Daley Electronics, all equipment receives a quick "look see" test before a full test commences to identify major problems – this minimises the chances of getting 90% of the way through a test only to find that the item under test fails.

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