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Alarm management - How to evaluate your system

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LogMateAMS, available from Daesim Technologies is an efficient and user-friendly alarm management system designed for effective and safe operation of any manufacturing facility.

LogMateAMS delivers alarm management tools to the organisation's desktops without complicated configuration processes. Designed to be commissioned in a day, the LogMateAMS system enables users to improve their alarm system immediately.

Alarm management is all about ensuring that information provided to operators is clear, concise and actionable, empowering them to better prevent deviations and better recover from abnormal situations.

Optimising the alarm system is a valuable step in ensuring the effective, efficient, and safe operation of a manufacturing facility.

LogMateAMS alarm management system embraces alarm management best practices as determined by industry organisations such as the ISA and EEMUA.

LogMateAMS technology facilitates a variety of alarm management initiatives including Alarm System Design; BadActor Resolution; Rationalization/Redesign; and Management of Change.

The LogMateAMS system allows the user to locate and evaluate alarm problems; enforce alarm settings; see operator behaviour relative to alarm activity; pinpoint problem areas or instruments; collect a continuous event archive in real-time; view serialised events, historically or in real-time; send automatic notifications of important events; compare a proposed design to current settings; establish an online operator knowledge base; and compare configuration to good practices.

LogMateAMS processes alarms in real-time, archiving them in Microsoft SQL Server for immediate or historical access. Display, navigation, and analysis are all done through a standard Internet Explorer browser, making the full suite available to anyone with network access and authorisation.

LogMateAMS imports configuration settings from the control system to simplify implementation, and to get the alarm management process off the ground more quickly.

LogMateAMS is compatible with every major DCS and HMI, employing a variety of connectivity options for maximum flexibility and scalability.

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