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Ground Support products from DYWIDAG- System International

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DYWIDAG-Systems International  offers ground support products for mining sectors. DYWIDAG- Systems International has its operations across Africa, Asia-pacific, Europe and America with more than 2000 employees. There is an increase in demand of natural resources globally DYWIDAG- systems International offers updated service to it customer's need.

DYWIDAG- System International operates two division: Construction and Underground.
Construction business deals with Post-Tensioning systems, Geotechnical systems and concrete Accessories, the range of product are spacers, ties, dowels, joints etc. It also supplies admixtures, waterproofing agents, special mortars, for precast industry it supplies with lifting and fixing tools.

DYWIDAG- System International's underground division deals with mining products and tunneling systems. DYWIDAG- System International offers a wide range of products which include: Mechanical Rockbolts (forged head & threaded), Extension bolts (7/8” High Tensile), Stelpipe bolts (Groutable Rockbolts). Installation accessories for mechanical Rockbolts like Expansion Shells, nuts, hardened Round washers, spherical seat washers and installation tools for stopers and jacklegs. DYWIDAG- System International provides, Rebar Rock Bolts, Posimix Resin Bolt System, Tension Jack/Pull Test Kit. And also Cable Bolts plain & Bulb, CBJ-1 Tensioning Jack, Cable Tensioner Mark 2, HI-TEN Strand Bolt, Wedge Anchorage. A range of Friction Stabilizers and Expandable Bolts. DYWIDAG Threadbar, Trusses and Slings, Fibreglass bolt, Plate and mesh and many more.

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