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KARDEX Shuttle XP optimised and flexible high density storage systems from DYNSTO

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DYNSTO Pty Ltd  offers a used 2008 automated vertical storage system from KARDEX (Germany). The Queensland-based DYNSTO Pty Ltd specialises in dynamic storage systems of high quality.  

KARDEX Shuttle XP is a range of automated high lift/stacker storage systems featuring a modular construction and working on the ‘goods to person’ principle.  

A key advantage of the KARDEX Shuttle XP is that maximum height can be used on a minimum floor area with benefits including increased storage area, enhanced productivity and high speed high order picking.  

The KARDEX Shuttle XP C3000 storage system is in good condition.  


  • Maximum total capacity: 67,400kg (Standard)
  • Maximum tray capacity: 240kg
  • Tray dimensions: 2,450 x 813mm
  • Number of trays: 25 standard
  • Total weight: 9,277kg
  • Size: 2,780mm W x 2,921mm D x 5,250mm H
  • Capacity with 25 trays: 49.80m² with every tray approx. 2m²
  • Electronic volume measuring system in 25mm screen (grid)
  • Access opening with sliding doors protects people and stored goods
  • Control OP 3000 with graphic display
  • Anti-dazzle lighting above access point
  • Personal key-code possible
  • Toothed-belt for minimum noise and fast order picking
  • Working positions can be adjusted individually depending on the body size
  • Distances can be realised in steps of 25mm by arranging the support profile
  • Weight management controls the weight of the tray/shuttle and speed regulation
  • Options include performance module, ergonomic module, and speed and control module
Key benefits of KARDEX Shuttle XP storage system:   
  • Optimum use of room height on small floor space
  • Small 25mm screen (grid) for high-compression storage with minimum distances
  • Intelligent storage management
  • Electronic speed control up to 2.3 m/s
  • Central guiding system with 8 times rollerstorage for high speeds
  • Stored goods identification in 25mm grid
  • Height oriented storage for constantly changing storage goods heights, allocation of suitable storage places and maximum flexibility
  • Fixed place storage for fixed storage heights and maximum storage compression
  • Combination storage combines both storage methods depending on the area for maximum flexibility and maximum storage compression

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