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Hanel Rotomat automated vertical storage systems available from DYNSTO

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DYNSTO Pty Ltd  supplies a range of unused Hanel Rotomat automated vertical storage systems from Germany.  

DYNSTO is a Queensland-based supplier of dynamic storage systems.  

Featuring the Hanel Rotomat vertical carousel technology, the unused automated vertical storage systems save space and time in storage applications in addition to offering ergonomics and safety.  

Rotomat is a high-tech storage system for the automated storage technology sector.  

Key benefits of Hanel Rotomat automated vertical storage systems:  

  • Maximises storage capacity with compact design and utilising available room height
  • Employs goods to man principle, saving time by eliminating the need for users to walk long distances
  • High ergonomics and safety for users as the requested part is brought automatically to the retrieval height at the touch of a button
Specifications of unused Hanel Rotomat Model 900 automated vertical storage systems:  
  • Carousel height: 2,740mm
  • Carousel width: 3,000mm
  • Carousel depth excluding work counter: 1,115mm
  • Work counter depth: 300mm
  • Useful width carriers: 2,568mm
  • Useful depth carriers: 416mm
  • Useful height carriers: 216mm
  • Useful height with one intermediate shelf in carrier: 2 x 105mm
  • Number of carriers: 17 pcs
  • Number of intermediate shelfs: 17 pcs
  • Number of storage locations: 34 pcs
  • Access time of location, average: 8 sec
  • Storage capacity per location: 1.07m²
  • Storage capacity carousel: 36.32 m²
  • Storage capacity carousel: 3.92m³
  • Weight of carousel including intermediate shelfs: 1,799kg
  • Maximum useful load per carrier: 150kg
  • Maximum useful load per location using one intermediate shelf: 69kg
  • Maximum useful load per carousel: 2,346kg
  • Year of build: 2008 (Unused)
  • Control model: MP12D
  • Quantity: 3 units

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