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Contract transport and on demand vehicles services from DTM Logistics

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DTM Logistics  operates a variety of new vehicles to efficiently handle the supply chain of the companies. The contract transport services from DTM Logistics range from single vehicles to large vehicles with onboard material handling equipment and technology.

DTM Logistics offers all equipment for the freight activities and handles all management functions excluding manufacture and sales of the products. DTM Logistics are also engaged in reporting which is done on a weekly basis thus allowing the companies to report internally and track on the freights.

DTM Logistics provides safe new vehicles, trained drivers, rapid distribution and weekly reporting services to various companies. Large fleet capability, small fleet capability, onboard technology, providing expertise in IR issue and latest materials handling equipment are some of the other contract transport services available from DTM Logistics.

DTM Logistics is also known for delivering goods for companies with specialised vehicles. Hourly hire and pick up to drop off point hire are the two services provided by DTM Logistics. Fleet ranges from semi trailers to Utes are available from DTM Logistics.

The rates vary according to the size and weight of the vehicles and a call fee of one hour is charged in case of job cancellation after the dispatch of the vehicles.

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