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The variety of self bunded tanks available from DTE Group

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The self bunded tanks from DTE Group are made of double steel walls, making them effective for self containment and suitable for onsite fuel storage.

The range of self bunded tanks suitable for petroleum, petrochemical and chemical applications includes:

  • Self Bunded Wraptank
  • Self Bunded Container Wraptank
  • Rectangular Self Bunded Storage Wraptank
Known for its toughness and durability, the self bunded tank’s double steel walls prevent any spillage of the liquids it contain, ensuring that the area is kept safe from damage or contamination, and is a cost effective way of refuelling vehicles and machineries without having to make trips to a gas station. Easily installed and relocated, makes the self bunded tank ideal for remote locations.

The traditional round-shaped type self bunded wraptank eliminates the need for complex bunding requirements and provides maximum cost effectiveness and versatility. The wraptank is skid mounted and comes with standard tank fittings including overfill and anti siphon protection and has the ability to store liquids from 1,000 to 10,000 litres.

The self bunded container wraptank is a round-shaped tank contained in a rectangular frame. It has the durability of the traditional, round-shaped self bunded tank and the versatility of a shipping container.

Storing liquid capacity of 10,000 to 70,000 litres makes it ideal for businesses that require large volumes of fuel or other liquids to be stored onsite.

Features of the self bunded container wraptank include:

  • Extended dip point complete with calibrated anonized dipstick and lockable cap.
  • Rated overfill protection with mechanical shut off and audible alarm
  • Lockable security gates
  • Full range of pumping, dispensing and fuel management systems
  • 60mm access manhole
  • Self supporting with no requirements for internal baffles, making it safe for any required internal access

The rectangular self bunded storage wraptank provides the effectiveness and versatility of the traditional, round-shaped self bunded tank, with these additional features:
  • Inspection bolted manway
  • Front cowling area supplied with a drain point
  • Interstitial space is vented and monitored
The ability to store liquids from 7,000 to 10,000 litres makes the rectangular self bunded storage wraptank a complete and versatile solution to accommodate petroleum and petrochemical requirements.

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