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Water soluble food grade coenzyme

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DSM Nutritional Products has introduced a novel grade Coenzyme Q10 for food applications. Under the brand "all Q "this new grade of CoQ10 is due for release into the Australian market in September 2005, although samples are now available for laboratory testing.

Previously CoQ10 has only been available in crystalline form and thus had little or no application in food fortification due to poor solubility in water. DSM has recognised that providing a water soluble form of CoQ10 will open up new markets and create new products opportunities for our customers.

CoQ10 is a natural, vitamin-like compound found in cell mitochondria of plants and animals. Approximately 95% of the body's energy is activated by CoQ10 and it is an essential cofactor in the generation of energy (ATP).

CoQ10, whilst found in beef, sardines and peanuts, findings show that dietary intake of CoQ10 is low. Low CoQ10 levels have been observed in a number of diseases and thus an increased intake of CoQ10 has been associated to benefit heart health, and immunity. CoQ10 is commonly used in cosmetic products for its anti-aging properties.

DSM's all-Q 10% CWS/S has a number of advantages:

* Superior bioavailability over crystalline form.

* No emulsifiers used.

* Neutral taste - no off- flavours from emulsifiers.

* Vegetarian form - no ingredients of animal origin.

* Cold water soluble and stable in beverages.

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