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Probiotic strain stable at room temperature

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DSM has developed a probiotic strain that is stable at room temperature. It says it has assessed the stability of its Lactobacillus acidophilus (LAFTI L10) strain at room temperature over almost 18 months and found the decline in bacteria each month had been reduced.

Stability of probiotics is particularly important for supplements as they are often stored at room temperature for long periods compared to dairy products that are chilled and consumed much more quickly.

In a year the bacteria can go from a hundred billion to one billion, although it is not easy to estimate the typical decline over time. This depends on a lot of different factors, including the matrix and the strain itself.

DSM formulated its Lafti L10 strain, previously used in dairy products, for supplement use in 2003, adding a coating to the powder formulation that helps protect the bacteria from environmental factors and improve its stability.

The stability trials allow the company to provide manufacturers with clear stability statements which define what residual cell count can be expected after storage at typical temperatures.

The other Lafti strains, Bifidobacterium lactis LAFTI B94 and Lactobacillus casei LAFTI L26), are also expected to be made available to supplement makers.

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