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article image The CTX 320 universal linear lathe.

THE new generation of CTX linear universal lathes was one of the highlights of the Deckel Maho and Gildemeister stand at EMO 2001. Gildemeister Drehmaschinen GmbH, presented two different sizes in Hannover, namely the CTX 320 linear and the CTX 420 linear.

Available from DMG Australia , both machines are claimed to have at least 10 per cent more output than their current counterparts thanks to a linear drive, fast tailstock, quick action 12-fold turret, absolute position sensor system and further high-tech features.

The new universal lathes also set new standards in the field of control and drive technology thanks to the new Siemens 840D powerline with Windows-based ShopTurn user interface.

The two CTX linear innovations are available in various machining-oriented designs: starting with a version with 12-fold turret for fixed tools as well as the tailstock, through a variant with 12 powered tools in the turret and a version with powered tools and Y-axis, right down to machines with counter-spindle, powered tools and (optional) Y-axis.

The swing of both machines is quoted at 400mm for the CTX 320 linear and 680mm for the CTX 420 linear, with a linear path of 635 and 450mm respectively.

In this field of work the user can configure an individual universal lathe as usual from a comprehensive kit. Deliveries will start in January 2002.

The linear drive technology in the X-carriage opens up new, innovative possibilities in the field of productivity, precision, and availability.

The fascination of the linear drive technology derives from the unique dynamics due to reduced moving masses which, with similarly high fast motion speeds, lead to an increase in productivity which was until now considered impossible.

The drive system is free from play and the non-contact power transmission permits a wear-fee construction of the driveline, something that benefits the availability of the machine even in rough multiple shift operation.

The standard version of the CTX linear machines is already controlled and programmed to match workshop requirements with the new Siemens 840D powerline with ShopTurn user interface.

It is characterised by faster processors from the Intel Pentium class and concomitant shorter processing times. In addition, the new, ergonomic design of the control desk and extended soft key functionalities make its operation more comfortable and at the same time increase efficiency during programming and operation at the machine.

The stainless steel control panel components in a DMG design with 15" colour monitor in the standard and technology-optimised machine control desk for turning on the lathe are a combination of maximum operating comfort and attractive design.

An on-board ethernet interface has been provided for communication with overriding computer environments, and a powerful HMI software ensures that there are no delays in data handling and that the user always has the most up-to-date information.

The new standard user interface ShopTurn is in turn a joint development from application engineers in the Gildemeister Group and the software development of Siemens.

This user interface thus integrates the best features from the worlds of lathe technology on the one hand and control and programming technology on the other. ShopTurn is particularly characterised by a very simple and efficient programming under Windows 2000.

Even complex turned parts with face and side machining can now be generated very quickly using a powerful technology cycle package with interactive, context-sensitive user guidance and integrated 3D-simulation without DIN/ISO experience.

Moreover, ShopTurn facilitates set-up work on the machine thanks to an intuitive tool administration system for the turret and practical support during workpiece marking and workpiece measuring.

Incidentally, the price includes not only the Siemens 840D powerline with ShopTurn but also a Windows-based PC version which turns any computer into a powerful tool for external program generation and archiving.

The advantages of the integrated spindle drive in synchro-technology, which in principle functions in exactly the same way as a linear drive, are just as impressive as the features of the linear drive in the X-carriage and the control technology.

This spindle drive is permanently excited as a direct drive by strong magnets on the rotor side. The advantages of this technology are obvious: above all, the enormous acceleration and braking behaviour.

The lathe thus accelerates from 0 to the maximum speed of 5,000rpm in 1.7 seconds, and can be braked back to 0rpm just as quickly. The torque, for example in the CTX 420 linear, is 270Nm (in continuous duty).

The synchronous drive offers a 60 per cent higher output with the same fitting cross-section compared to spindle motors with asynchronous technology, higher machining forces in the upper speed range, no power loss when the spindle is at a standstill and less heating of the motor coil under load.

A new hydraulic tailstock with 6m/min (an NC tailstock with 20m/min rapid motion is optionally available) is fitted as well as a quick-action turret which brings the following tool into position within 0.15 seconds.

Optionally available is the ‘KeylessGo’ feature which allows personalised operation and communication between operator and machine.

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