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Machines that protect cutting tools

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article image Software tool automatically sets parameters according to finishing requirements.

DMG has developed software that helps find optimal machine feeds and speeds and adjust machines to the appropriate setting.

The new controls developed by DMG and Heidenhain provide application tuning cycle (ATC), a new software tool that automatically sets parameters according to finishing requirements such as accuracy and surface quality.

By an adaptive acceleration control, the workpiece's dynamic behaviour is included in the calculation of the velocity-acceleration profile.

In trials conducted in conjunction with Mercedes Benz, the DMU 80 P controls reduced machining time of aluminium test pieces by a maximum of 36% while on more accurate settings, machining time was reduced by up to 14%, compared with traditional machining techniques.

OMAT, adaptive control, for roughing and semi-finishing of geometries with varying material removal rates as during 3D surface milling, slot milling, ramp milling or contour milling.

This software not only monitors the tool wear and run statistics, it prevents tool breakage and tool or spindle overload by automatic feed rate adjustments, providing long tool life and good performance.

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