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article image The TWIN 65 is optionally available with a controlled B-axis.

GILDEMEISTER Drehmaschinen GmbH has extended its 'recipe for success' to the field of larger rod diameters up to 102 mm, with three new dual spindle turning centres, now available locally from DMG Australia .

All of the new models are available with a Y-axis and both the new TWIN 42 and the larger TWIN 65 are optionally available with a controlled B-axis for more complex milling work.

The working space concept is the result of the 175mm, CNC-controlled transverse stroke of the counter-spindle on which the tailstock is also mounted.

The tailstock can thus be positioned on the centerline of the main spindle. At the same time, the workpiece in the counter-spindle can be finished and ejected with the upper turret without the risk of collisions.

The productivity advantage which can be achieved is up to 20% compared to conventional two-spindle machines and thus opens up a new dimension in 6-side complete machining.

The new TWINs also offer high-tech at its best when it comes to other components. For example the integrated spindle motors in synchronous technology, which guarantee higher machining forces in the upper speed range with an up to 60% higher output than their counterparts with asynchronous technology.

The TWINS have enormous acceleration and braking behaviour - the new spindle motors of the TWIN 65 and TWIN 102 only need one second to reach maximum speed from zero. And the TWIN 42 has an even better acceleration and braking time.

Speeds of 7,000rpm, 5,000rpm or 3,200rpm can be used for machining depending on the spindle clearance (42/65/102mm) - at (permanent) torques of between 150Nm (TWIN 42), 210Nm (TWIN 65) and 450Nm (TWIN 102).

The upper and lower turret offer space for 12 powered tools and are thus extremely dynamic. For example, the switching time from one station to the next is only 0.14s.

The TWIN series also meets all the requirements made on modern production engineering on the control side thanks to the Siemens 840D powerline.

Powerline stands for the use of much faster processors from the Intel Pentium class and thus more than 100% better performance in the CNC and PLC range.

Based on Windows NT with ethernet interface, this turbo-CNC also has everything needed for communication with overriding networks and the powerful DMG Net Service.

Gildemeister also offers the new Windows-based MF Programmer 3D as an external programming tool. The complete working space of the TWIN machines is saved in the system in 3D.

Once the geometry of the workpiece to be produced has been entered (or loaded), it is also available as a 3D model. The individual process stages in the form of (saved) cycles can now be programmed step-by-step with menu guidance.

Following a real-time simulation with collision control, all that is needed is the press of a button to generate a piece/rate optimised CNC program.

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