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Rapid Auto Roll High Speed Doors from DMF International

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High Speed Industrial Doors
DMF International has a comprehensive range of high speed roll doors suitable for a variety of applications such as controlling:
  • Temperature
  • Dust
  • Noise
  • Wind 
  • Security
This breakthrough in Rapid Auto-Roll Technology provides a highly efficient solution to door openings.

Why choose DMF Rapid Roll High Speed Doors
  • Custom Built Doors - These fast acting PVC roll doors are customised to suit the requirements, suitable for small to large warehouse openings
  • Automatic Roller Doors - Activation of the doors can be by various automatic or manual systems. Each high speed door model has a safety features which may include PE sensors, safety auto reverse or a flexible bottom rail
  • These PVC high speed doors compliment the other product range such as:
    • Swingflex doors
    • Visiflex strip doors
    • Auto BiFlex door

Series RL3000 High Speed Doors

  • Budget price
  • Modular construction
  • High end safety features including PE sensors, flexible bottom rail with auto reverse

Series 4000 High Speed Doors

  • Heavy duty industrial roll up doors
  • Manufactured from full steel columns and roller construction
  • Highly durable flexible Duraskin panel
  • Full breakout and auto reset of the door blade in case of accidental impact
Rapid Auto Roll Door options
  • Push Buttons
  • Pull Cords
  • Photo Cells
  • Radio Control
  • Radar Motion Detectors
  • Induction Floor Loops
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