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High speed roll doors with emergency egress available from DMF International

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High speed roll doors and fast action roll doors are popular in many types of industry, being used for climate control, security and quality control. It is important to recognise the application that these doors are used in, and what forms of egress exist, for the cases when emergency egress or power failure occurs. It is important to note if the high speed door is the only egress out of a room, and therefore consideration must be given as to how egress will be effected

Depending on the model selected, DMF International can provide various options of methods to open these high speed doors during a power failure. This may include a brake release lever opening the door, or a zipper in the panel.

By far, the most effective form is the provision of a battery backup (UPS – uninterrupted power supply). DMF International can provide a system that is installed in line to the high speed door controller, which is always trickle charged ensuring an optimised battery pack.

During a power failure, the UPS provides power to all the functions of the door, including the activation and the safety sensors, and depending on the door size, will allow up to 10 cycles of operation.

Standard activation of a door during a power failure or emergency situation has obvious advantages given that users may be in a state of panic, and familiarity can help to ease this stress. An advantage of being able to also close the high speed door is that the internal conditioned environment is maintained during this power failure.

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