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DMF International  manufactures and supplies climate control swing doors through a large network of agents across Australia and SE Asia.
DMF climate control swing doors include PVC Swingflex Mk5 and Mk6 swing doors, Impact doors and Visiflex strip curtains.
Swingflex and Impact doors are ideal for supermarkets, retail stores, commercial kitchens, processing areas and high level clinical production areas. Quiet in operation, DMF Swingflex and Impact doors are custom made to the required size (up to 3000H x 3000W) with special conditions for doors over three metres.
Flexible PVC impact doors are ideal for protecting busy working environments from dust, noise and temperature. Suitable for pedestrian traffic and trolleys, they also come in a heavy duty model for forklift traffic.
Key features of DMF Swingflex swing doors:

  • Highly durable doors designed for pedestrian or forklift traffic
  • Controls temperature, dust, vermin and noise
  • Mechanism allows the door to swing 180 degrees and return to closed position
  • Opens easily with a gentle push
  • Supplied as singles or in pairs
  • PVC panel in clear or with special laminated coloured or vinyl finishes
  • Anodised aluminium door frames, which may be epoxy powder coated
  • Frame provided with full brush or PVC sealing against jamb
  • Fully adjustable torque spring mechanism
  • Fixing plates can be top/bottom side mounted for special applications
Key features of DMF Impact traffic doors:  

  • Custom made from durable high strength ABS or Tarkaflex surface, core filled with ply or PU foam for insulation
  • Concealed spring system with variable adjustment torque action for semi auto operation in different impact strength, and self-closing
  • Clear polycarbonate double glazed window dressed with rubber gaskets
  • Optional kick board or spring bumpers available to maximise impact resistance
  • Encased with aluminium capping for additional edge strength

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