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DMF International discuss access solutions for doorways and openings

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DMF International  provide solutions to big or small doorways for climate control or security. These elements may need to be considered as part of an application’s quality control or may be needed to provide personnel comfort. DMF International’s product range, which are custom made to size, are made from PVC materials and include Visiflex strip curtains, Swingflex doors, traffic doors and high speed roll doors.

In assessing a doorway or opening, there are a number of points that need to be considered, so as to determine what might be the best solution to achieve the required results. DMF International discuss the following points that need to be considered for assessment of doorways or openings:

  • Elements that need to be controlled have to be taken into account. Sealing off openings and doorways for control of temperature, dust, vermin, draft, fumes, security and weather are common reasons which may be necessary to comply with quality control procedures.
  • The size of the doorway or opening is also important. DMF International can custom manufacture to size the appropriate product for the opening. The opening’s size influences the selection of the appropriate product. The size may be small similar to that of a parcel hatch or a pedestrian access door and a large warehouse opening or up to large partitions exceeding 50m in width.
  • The type, size and frequency of traffic flow through the opening should be considered while assessing a doorway or an opening as most openings are exposed to a type or combinations of traffic flow. The ease in which this traffic can move through the opening, while maintaining the climate control is of importance. Speed and safety are vital. Customers should determine if the traffic flow consists of forklifts, hand pallet jacks, pedestrians or road vehicles. For forklifts, the type of load they carry and the speed required for them to pass through the opening must be taken into account. This information assists in narrowing the choice of the product. For high speed doors the knowledge of the type of activation is necessary.
  • Customers must be aware of the necessary products for an operating environment. DMF International can supply doors to different operating environments, each of which can influence the choice of the most durable product. Bulk freezers, explosive atmospheres, pharmaceutical pressurised clean rooms, chemical areas, high dust areas, wash down areas, weather exposed and windy areas require modified designs that DMF International can cater for.
  • The stability and structural strength of the opening is crucial. Assessment should allow for the dead weight of the door, the operating loads in the extreme conditions of impact or strong wind. DMF International can custom design methods to ensure the product is fixed to the opening.
  • Budget is critical for assessing a doorway or opening. DMF International can supply a range of climate control doors to suit the budget of the customers. DMF International also supply static PVC Visiflex strip curtains and fully automated high speed roll doors.

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