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DKSH releases picture price book of safety compressed air products
21.03.2007 - DKSH Australia has offered a new version 2.2 picture price book featuring a broad range of innovative and safety compressed air products from countries around the world.
Duerr-Technik range of positive and vacuum displacement compressors from DKSH
21.03.2007 - Duerr-Technik range of positive and vacuum displacement compressors from Germany has been made available in Australia by DKSH Australia.
Wall mounted outlet released by DKSH
20.03.2007 - DKSH’s Air Services Business Line, has released a highly functional and attractive wall mounted outlet for compressed air.
Rotary screw compressors at discounted prices from DKSH Australia
19.03.2007 - DKSH Australia is providing last of its 2006 stock of 3-phase 5, 7, 11 and 15kW rotary screw compressors at discounted prices and extended payment terms to make way for its next delivery of 2007 machines.
Multi-pole connectors
06.04.2005 - DKSH Australia Wieland multi-pole connectors are used in applications where fast connection/disconnection of equipment is required to maximise production up-time and flexibility.
One and three-phase monitoring relays
10.03.2005 - DKSH Australia has released the Tele Gamma WatchDog range of one and three-phase monitoring relays. The DIN-rail mounting, 22.5mm relays are powered by voltage rails from 24V ac to 400V ac. Changes to voltage are made by plugging the appropriate tran
Earthing and shielding motor drive cables
08.12.2004 - MANY electric motors installed in production facilities or factories are connected to variable speed drives (VSD), rather than to mains power supply. The VSDs are almost invariably utilised as variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) sources to asy
Fume and dust extraction filtering system
21.04.2004 - THE Nederman FilterMax fume and dust extraction filtering system, available from DKSH Australia, can be used for a wide range of industries and processes including metal working.
Dust elimination for the food industry
21.04.2004 - THE Nederman Filterbox available from Edward Keller manages air pollution by dust extraction at the source. It has been developed to satisfy criteria for a flexible solution and for reliable operation. The Nederman Filterbox can be mounted in any con
Oil mist filters
14.04.2004 - FILTERMIST has released FiltermistXcel oil mist filters. They are available from DKSH Australia.
Pickling unit
14.04.2004 - NITTY-Gritty has released a range of Clinox portable electrolytic pickling units for the stainless steel market. They are available from DKSH Australia.
ABB plastic enclosures and accessories
04.12.2003 - A RANGE of thermoplastic (rated IP55) and polycarbonate (rated IP65) enclosures, available through Edward Keller, provides a comprehensive selection of high quality, versatile enclosures for a wide range of applications.
Expanded range of cable ferrules
04.12.2003 - AN expanded range of GLW cable ferrules in the form of single ferrules, dispenser packs and twin ferrule, is available from Edward Keller to give installers maximum flexibility.
Multi-contact connector system
04.12.2003 - SOLARLINE, available from Edward Keller, is a complete cabling and connector system for Solar energy installations. Solarline is designed with the components manufacturers and installer in mind to permit time-saving, dependable series cabling of sola
Insulated and sheathed power cables
04.12.2003 - A NEW range of Lapp Kabel TBR insulated and TBR sheathed cables is available through Edward Keller in conductor sizes from 16-240mm2. Applications include switchboards, temporary supply cables and applications where increased current ratings are requ
High quality installation enclosures
04.12.2003 - LOHMEIR, represented by Edward Keller, has a range of KL terminal boxes with an IP65 rating. Features include copper fixing studs for increased earthing safety, removable unpainted rail supports to allow maximum use of the available depth, and good e
Internationally approved rail-mounted terminals
02.12.2003 - THE Selos range of rail-mounted terminals, available from Edward Keller, has features which are important to cost-effective electrical switchboard and control panel construction.
Flexible cables with numbered cores
02.12.2003 - LAPP Olflex-110 flexible cables with numbered cores are suited to a broad range of applications, available from Edward Keller.
Multi-pole industrial connectors
02.12.2003 - RUGGED, reliable, and with optional sealing, Fischer connectors, available from Edward Keller, are proven in a wide array of harsh environments and demanding applications worldwide. Fischer offers complete engineering resources to propose, design, pr
Easy to assemble cable glands
02.12.2003 - THE new generation of Lapp SKINTOP cable glands, available from Edward Keller, provides reliability and ease of assembly.
Fuse switches and links
02.12.2003 - EFEN, represented by Edward Keller, has developed fuse-switches based on NH fuse-links.
Capture-at-source dust extractors
17.09.2003 - THE latest dust-extraction arm manufactured by Nederman is its NEX D and NEX DX capture-at-source, completely hygienic, and explosion-proof series. Nederman's NEX D and NEX DX extractors are applicable to the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chem
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