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Junction Hotel uses Digilin Australia's LED lighting fixtures

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article image LED lighting at Junction Hotel

LED lighting has made some great advances in the last decade.

Coming from virtual non-existence to the point now where not only is it a good option for creating decorative features but also a real option full general illumination (offering considerable energy saving benefits over traditional incandescent and halogen lamps).

Junction Hotel in Newcastle is an example of this, where following its recent renovation, it is now completely lit with LEDs.

Digilin Australia's  contribution to the LED lighting begins outside, where the Taipan LED lights are found illuminating the exterior (as wall mounted up-down lights), creating columns of light by the entrances.

Inside there is further use of wall mounted LED Taipans (both up-down and down lights), as well as fully recessed versions being used for general lighting to illuminate public spaces of the hotel.

Trident waterproof LED lighting fixtures have been used to illuminate the water feature and the somewhat unique wee wall in the men's loo.

There is also extensive use of the colour mixing RGB Taipan LED lights and LinearLight LED strips around the bar and a glass floor near the bar allowing patrons to see through to the cellar, which is itself lit with colour changing strips.

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