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Digilin Australia pools its experience in electronic design, photometrics and mechanical design to bring to market innovative LED and Fibre Optic Lighting solutions. Projects include installations for Councils/Governments, artists, architects/consulting engineers/lighting designers for both business and domestic installations.


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29/08/08 - Digilin Australia have utilised latest technology in LED lighting for developing a diverse range of next generation LED strips.
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17/06/08 - The Grid 1640 from Digilin Australia is a recessed LED downlight that brings a viable LED lighting alternative to the world of commercial lighting to replace discharge or compact fluorescent luminaires.
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12/05/08 - DIGILIN Australia is changing the face of LED lighting technologies with a practical LED lighting alternative to energy inefficient incandescent and halogen down lights.
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02/04/08 - Digilin Australia's contribution to the LED lighting at Junction Hotel begins outside, where the Taipan LED lights are found illuminating the exterior (as wall mounted up-down lights), creating columns of light by the entrances.
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37 Oxford St
QLD 4171
Tel: 07 3899 1267
Fax: 07 3899 1261

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