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DHL Exel commissions LSI to develop a Web-based consigning system

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DHL Exel, which has a 180 concurrent user Consignor licence which automates product distribution in 39 warehouses in Australia, has commissioned LSI to develop web-based consigning system.

This system will provide basic consigning and maintenance functionality to allow operational users to perform their Consignor freight management tasks via a web browser interface.

The browser application employs the same proven business logic as currently used by LSI’s Consignor Windows application utilising XML web services that allows choice of deployment platform while continuing to use a DHL Exel controlled centralized SQL database.

Good practice security methodology will be used to ensure secure access. Encrypted login and password policy a together with SQL injection protection will build on existing user based permissions already present in the Windows version of Consignor.

Consignor web interface will be globalised, ready for translation into any language. Cascading style sheets will provide a customisable, flexible look and feel enabling the user interface to be branded if integration into any corporate web site is required this application is due for release in June 2007.

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