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High Accuracy Digital Piston Gauges from DH-Budenberg

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Digital piston gauges from D&H, a DH-Budenberg company are the only pressure standards to associate the metrological performances of pressure balances with the convenience of digital transfer standards. Measuring can be done from zero to full scale.  

The units are ideally suited as working standard in calibration laboratories including accredited laboratories, and especially dedicated to gauge and high absolute pressures.  

In the Absolute version, the DPG10A digital piston gauges are suitable for the calibration of low gauge pressure, absolute pressure, air data test systems and avionics instruments.  

A distinct advantage of the digital piston gauges over traditional piston gauge technology is that they can perform calibrations from zero pressure upwards.  

In traditional piston gauges, the lower limit is determined by the mass of the piston, but with the DPG range this mass can be tared before taking measurements. There is no requirement to make and break the vacuum between each pressure point as in conventional absolute pressure balances.  

Specifications of DPG10 Digital Piston Gauges (Absolute and Gauge)

  • Ranges from 0 to 2 MPa. (Abs) 0 to 50 Mpa (Gauge)
  • Resolution down to 0,1 Pa.
  • Accuracy = 15ppm over 3 years
  • Self calibrating with ACF
  • Integrated Environment Monitoring Module
  • Computer interface for full automation capability
  • Traceable accredited calibration certificate as standard
  • Typical uncertainty for a 200kPa range (k=2) = 0.8 Pa + 1.E-5 P

The DPG10 range of instruments is now used by many national laboratories, meteorology labs, R&D labs, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and avionics manufacturers as well as service companies along with a wide range of pressure sensor/ transducer manufacturers.

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