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Innovative resealable product package

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article image Gillette US are using resealable closures on three major products.

DFC Packaging has secured the Australian agency for an innovative Tearstrip resealable closure system released at the PMMI show, recently, in Chicago.

The Tearstrip closure will generate a ‘definite marketing plus’ for any consumer product packaged in flexible plastic, according to DFC's Robert Wilde.

The new system can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted to most packaging machines.

The use of resealable pressure sensitive tape to replace either a plastic zipper -- or to provide a new advantage in closely contested consumer marketing areas has proved a winning concept for the US Tearstrip Corp.

The company’s resealable closure can be used to seal and reseal any type of product packaged in most types of plastic bag and has proven a major hit with consumers.

The consumer product is simple to use -- pull open the tear strip, separate the package, remove whatever is needed and then press back the side to reseal.

For Australian manufacturers the good news is that application of the new system can be retrofitted by DFC to most existing packaging machines.

The system can be used with a wide variety of films and gauges.

The Sealstrip application unit slits film and applies the package seals at full line speed. Seal tape is applied in the direction of the film flow so that the package will open and reseal from end to end.

The seals are fully FDA compliant, moisture resistant and freezer safe.

The new system produces a firm seal that is tamper evident and economical while the applicator fits most wrappers and works at line speed.

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