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article image The new See Me Secura 1300 series stretch wrapper.

IN addition to a unique two-way wrapping action which provides the shrink wrapped product with double layers of protective film the new See Me Secura 1300 Series roll wrapping machines can also prestretch shrink film by up to 300 per cent to provide very significant savings in usage of shrink wrap materials.

These remarkable new roll wrapping machines are available through main Australian agents DFC Packaging .

Double wrapping cylindrical form paper rolls or pallet form packages in stretch film provides a significant level of additional protection for rolls of paper or pallet form packages -- but the process has previously been both time consuming and uneconomic.

Now, according to Robert Wilde, managing director of DFC Packaging, the new See Me Secura 1300 Series machines provide both the protective benefits of double wrapping plus substantial cost savings on shrink wrapping materials.

This two way benefit is made possible by two features -- the new machine’s "double action" wrapping system and its ability to pre-stretch shrink film by up to 300 per cent.

In the double action wrapping cycle, the turntable rotates in one direction, applying one layer of shrink wrap while power rollers simultaneously rotate in the opposite direction to apply a second layer.

This would normally increase the cost of shrink film. But the material cost of the extra "double layer" of shrink wrapping material is compensated by the machines ability to pre-stretch the wrapping film by a whopping 300 per cent.

The new See Me Secura machines are described as very smart technology that is simple to operate. The machines can provide:

· Roll wrapping (double action wrapping.)

· Standard single wrapping.

· Central area automatic strengthening.

· Waterproof wrapping mode.

The machines incorporate self inspection readouts which enable the operator to visually check all systems at any time. An automatic film breaking device operates when each wrapping cycle is completed (eliminating manual cutting of the shrink wrap material.)

A "slow start" device moves the turntable at slow speeds during the first stages of a shrink operation so that the upper layer of film is applied correctly.

All models can pack up to 3,000kg at turntable speeds of 0-13m/min, with different systems available within a pallet range of 1300 x 1800mm to 1500 x 1800mm.

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