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D2 Vortex cook chill systems from DFC Packaging Group

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Distributed in Australia by DFC Packaging Group of Companies , the D2 Vortex cook, quench and chill systems are designed for companies to automate manual cooking processes.

D2 Vortex cook chill systems have been developed in partnership with a major UK supermarket chain.

The D2 Vortex is an automated solution for companies who currently cook their products manually or are cooking high volumes of products and require a system with excellent performance, control and quality.

Key features of D2 Vortex cook chill systems:

  • Available in both Mono and Dual frame systems (for high care applications)
  • Cooks fish, pasta, rice and vegetables up to 1800kg in the Mono and 2400kg in the Dual model
  • Water rotary flow system eliminates product clumping, sticking and basket retention
  • Exceptionally hygienic design
  • Provides the cooked product at below 5ºC allowing immediate packaging

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