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Chan-Yeh 72-25-s Auto L-Sealers from DFC Packaging Group

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article image Chan-Yeh 72-25-s Auto L-sealer

DFC Packaging Group of Companies  supplies the Chan-Yeh 72-25-s auto L-sealers for the packaging industry.  

Chan-Yeh 72-25-s auto L-sealers are simple to operate involving a 4-step process: 

  • Switch the machine on
  • Attach the air line to the machine
  • Adjust the machine width/height to suit the product
  • Attach the film to the machine

The product is placed on the in-feed conveyor and the machine will sense when the product is in the seal area to seal the product using a hot blade sealing system.  

The product is then conveyed by the machine into a shrink tunnel (sold separately).  

Key features of Chan-Yeh 72-25-s Auto L-Sealers: 

  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Closing conveyor
  • Safety guard
  • Hot blade sealing system
  • Scrap rewind kit


  • Power requirements: 240v, single phase, 10 amp
  • Machine dimensions: 2550mm L x 1504mm W x 1580mm H
  • Maximum sealing dimensions: 700mm L x 500mm W x 250mm H
  • Smaller/larger models are available to suit specific applications

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