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DEKS Industries offers flashings and accessories for roofs and pipes

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Roof flashings and accessories from DEKS Industries include Dektite Square Base, Dekstrip, Dektite Soaker, Dektite Solar dek, Dektite Aluminium, Seldek Nu-Lead, Dektite WaterSaver and so on.

Roof flashings and accessories from DEKS Industries find application in roofing washers and in pipe flashing on tile and metal roofs. Roof flashings and accessories are made from rubber particles and are resistant to ultra violet rays. These flashings suit all pipe sizes and the washers come with traceability feature.

Dektite Solardex from DEKS Industries is very fast and effective for flashing outlet and inlet pipes on tile roofs. Dektite Mini is used on metal roofs. Dektite Solardex can be fixed to both inlet and outlet pipes and it does not get corroded or stained. It also gives a clean and neat appearance when placed on roofs. Dektite Solardex is made from polymer and it comes with a Nu-Lead tray for safe handling.

DEKS Industries also offers Dekstrip which can be expanded and fixed between dissimilar materials. Dekstrip helps in handling vibrations and allows the movements on box gutter laps. Dekstrip from DEKS Industries can be used in bull nose, valleys, skylights, box gutters and for large, curved profiles.

Dektite square base fits almost all types of holes and are made from polymers. It suits wide range of pipe diameters and comes with an aluminium base. Dektite square base fits to the hot and cold flues, vents and ducts on metal roofs.

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