DEKS Industries

Deks, Dekseal, Dekfast, Dekbond and Cut roof washers.


Question: 18/03/13 - Recommend Class 3 or Class 4 hex head self-drilling screws min 16mm long assembled with Deks washers. Alternatively, pop (sealed) rivets can be used ... read more
Question: 15/03/13 - We recommend the use of a neutral care, low modulus silicone sealant from a reputable manufacturer. Acetyl cure silicones should not be used.
Question: 14/03/13 - Under no circumstances should any Dektite product be used on an unapproved (i.e. single skin) flue discharging from a wood combustion or other high ... read more
Question: 13/03/13 - Accelerated ageing tests undertaken by independent laboratories confirm  no significant degradation for at least 20 years. That’s why we ... read more
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Supplier news
27/03/08 - DEKS Industries provides high quality products including range of flashings. Plumbing fittings and accessories from DEKS Industries is made in such a way that it suits all Australian conditions.
Supplier news
26/03/08 - Roof flashings and accessories from DEKS Industries include Dektite Square Base, Dekstrip, Dektite Soaker, Dektite Solar dek, Dektite Aluminium, Seldek Nu-Lead, Dektite WaterSaver and so on.
Supplier news
25/03/08 - DEKS Industries was established by George Cupit and it is also a part of Skellerup Group. DEKS Industries provides high quality products such as roofing washers.

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DEKS Industries (Head office) Update these details
493 Mountain Hwy
VIC 3153
Tel: 1800 882 098
Fax: 03 8727 8850

DEKS Industries Brands

Dekbond Dekfast Dekfit® GrateMate™ Dekfit® Pan Adaptor Dekfit® Pan Cone Dekfit® WaterSaver™ Dekline® DEKS DEKS Inflatable Door Seals DEKS Roof Patch DEKS SolarDek™ DEKS SolarDek™ Dekseal® Dekseal® Engineered™ Washers Dekstrip® Flashing Dekstrip® Flashing Dektite® Dektite® Aluminium™ Dektite® Ezi-Seal™ Dektite® Ezi-Seal™ Dektite® Flashing Dektite® Nu-Lead® Dektite® Retrofit™ Dektite® Retrofit™ Soaker™ Dektite® Retrofit™ Soaker™ Dektite® Soaker™ Dektite® Square Base JENCO Ground Cast Iron Drainage Systems JENCO Joiners Purus Air Admittance Valve

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